RAWr Toddler One Size Pull Up Pocket Shell


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Weight Range

  • Toddler One Size (6 months to 6 years): approximately 7.5kg – 24kg.

A unique pull up cloth nappy, used as a day or night time solution for babies, toddlers who are too busy to stay still for a change and pre-schoolers and school age children who want to use the toilet on their own:

  • flexible design allows as much, or as little stuffing as you need
  • side snap design, stretchy PUL and elastics allow your child to use as a pull up nappy – for quick toddler changes and also kids who want to take control of their own toileting
  • Internal 360 gusset gives added protection just in case the nappy isn’t pulled up to give a perfect fit every time
  • Can be stuffed with any RAWr inserts or boosters or pretty much any absorbent options you may have at home, with enough room to stuff enough boosting for nights

The Toddler One Size Pocket Nappy is designed to be used as a simple cloth nappy solution – just fold a prefold, trifold or flat nappy and stuff it inside the pocket under the gusset.