Bubakin Core Insert and mini booster set


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CORE Insert

  • Our V3 inserts have been designed to bring you the best of both worlds, the V3 CORE Insert consists of 5 layers in total, the 2 outer layers consist of 80/20 Bamboo Terry and draw moisture away quickly into the 3 core inner layers which consist of 70/30 Bamboo Cotton Fleece.
  • The CORE Insert is designed to be stuffed inside the shell pocket as the absorbent layer, or you can snap into place and lay the insert on top of the lining (close to baby’s bottom) with the front flap folded neatly over the top.

Mini Booster/Liner

Consisting of 4 thirsty layers of 70/30 Bamboo Cotton Fleece (the same material on the inner layers of the CORE insert) this insert might be little but it super thirsty and can be used in the following ways:

  • Pop the mini booster/liner on top of the lining of your nappy shell (against baby’s bottom) and tuck under the front flap to hold in place, you can then easily remove the number twos and simply plop them into the toilet.
  • If you are experiencing some leakages, pop this little wonder insert UNDERNEATH you CORE insert inside the pocket, this will boost your absorbency and provide extra protection for heavy wetters/toddlers/tummy sleepers