Common Australian Cloth Nappy Abbreviations

Posted by Samantha Spano on 18th Nov 2019

Are you just entering the cloth nappy world and confused by all the abbreviations that you may come across in website listing, Facebook groups or buy and sell sites? Hopefully this list helps with some of the most common ones. I know when I first started out I was a little intimidated by all the abbreviations and various terms. Please feel free to contact me if there are anymore you come across and not sure of.

AI2 - all in 2 - a nappy that has a shell and removable inserts.

AIO - all in 1 - a nappy that either has sewn in absorbency or the inserts are sewn to the shell.

ANA - Australian Nappy Association

AWJ - athletic wicking jersey - fabric sometime used as a stay dry layer

BB - can be Bubblebubs or Baby Bare

BBH - Baby Beehinds - brand

BUJ - Bottoms Up Junior - brand

BV - Bamboo Velour - fabric type that sometimes used as a stay dry layer or outer.

Cc - China cheapie - cheap nappies imported from China.

CCN - Clean Cloth nappies - a website and Facebook group focused on nappy washing.

FDR - fold down rise - a way to sometimes fit one size nappies that don’t have rise snaps.

FOE - fold over elastic

MCN - modern cloth nappy

MCNRU - modern cloth nappy reviews uncut - review group on Facebook.

MF - microfibre - absorbent fabric used in inserts

NB - newborn

OBV - organic bamboo velour - fabric type

OC - organic cotton - fabric type.

OSFA - one size fits all

OSFM - one size fits most - a nappy that will fit most babies through to toilet training.

OTB - on the bum.

PUL - polyurethane laminate - waterproof fabric layer that is chemically bonded

SIO - snap in one - Nappy that has snap in inserts.

SS - strip and sanitise - deep cleaning

TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane - waterproof fabric layer that is heat bonded.

WAHM - work at home mum

Common Buy Swap Sell Abbreviations.

VGUC - very good used condition in relation to used items

GUC - good used condition

EUC - excellent used condition

IPC - in poor condition

ISO - in search of

DISO - desperately in search of

RAOK - random act of kindness

WTB - wanted to buy