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3 years of ownership

Posted by Samantha on 10th Nov 2020

This month marks 3 years since I took over ownership of Mumma Loves Bubba so thought it was time to revisit a little bit about who we are.  I am Samantha, a mum of 3 little ones who are curr … read more
Meet BoPeep

Meet BoPeep

Posted by Samantha on 2nd Jun 2020

The newest nappy to the Bubblebubs range is now here. It is a miniature version of the All In Two Bubblebubs Candie. The Bubblebubs Bo Peep is a newborn all in two that is designed to fit fr … read more
Cloth Nappy Week 2020

Cloth Nappy Week 2020

Posted by Samantha on 20th Apr 2020

Wow, time has certainly got away from me lately with all that is currently happening in the world. Along with not completing a blog post since February, Cloth nappy week has caught me unprepared even … read more
Night Nappies - do I need a dedicated night nappy?

Night Nappies - do I need a dedicated night nappy?

Posted by Samantha on 10th Feb 2020

Have you tried night time cloth nappies? If not what is holding you back?You don’t necessarily need a dedicated night nappy depending on what is already in your possession and how heavy a wetter your … read more

Common Australian Cloth Nappy Abbreviations

Posted by Samantha Spano on 18th Nov 2019

Are you just entering the cloth nappy world and confused by all the abbreviations that you may come across in website listing, Facebook groups or buy and sell sites? Hopefully this list helps with som … read more