Sip'n Silicone Lid 2pk

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The perfect Sip’n Silicone Lids for a Sinchies no spills solution – a silicone spout cover which stops spills, is soft on gums, prevents mess and promotes independence!

Attach it to your favourite snack and maximise your reusable food pouch performance! Simply pull the cap securely over the spout & you’re ready to go!

SIP IT – Attach to pouch to protect their mouth and control the flow of food.

CAP IT – Fold-over cap to securely close your pouch when baby feels full.

STRAP IT – Wrap the strap around your pouch top to easily pair them on-the-go

Maximise nutrition – By controlling flow and preventing spills, the Sip’n maximises baby’s caloric intake. Every healthy sip counts and using a Sip’n means more food makes it to their mouth.

  • Prevent messy spills – Sometimes pouches result in mushy mess that equates to a big clean up and worse yet wasted food and money. The Sip’n features a critical flow control valve that prevents the mess
  • Promote independence – Transitioning from milk to solid food is a significant stride towards independence. The Sip’n eliminats pouch frustration and allows babies to hold and eat on their own.
  • Protect their mouth  – Finally baby can comfortably chew away while snacking. The Sip’n features a silky-smooth chewy dispensing valve designed to fully cover the spout and some of the rigid plastic of the spout.