Modern Cloth Nappies

Why use Modern Cloth Nappies?

Did you know that over 27 billion disposable nappies are sold in the United States and end up in landfill every single year? In Australia the figure is well over 800 million nappies. Every one of those nappies will take over 300 years to break down!
Disposables are also made using resources as well as chemicals during the manufacturing process and these chemicals are in contact with your baby’s precious skin. We still do not know the long term effects of this. MCNs are made from chemical free materials which reduces the risk of nappy rash. Studies also show that the average temperature of a boy’s testicles in a disposable nappy is 1 degree hotter, which may be linked to increases in infertility and testicular cancer in the last 25 years.
In addition to being better for baby and the environment, it will save you money as MCNs can be used for multiple children. Disposables will cost you over $3000 from newborn to toilet training whereas using MCNs will cost $500 - $1000 including washing costs.
How many nappies will I need?
For a full time system you will need 18 - 24 nappies if washing every second day. For a part time system we recommend 8 – 10 nappies.
Even just by using one cloth nappy you are making a valuable difference.
How do I wash the nappies?
There is no need to rinse or soak the nappy – MCNs can simply be stored in a dry pail and washed according to manufacture‘s instructions. These usually recommend a pre wash daily or ever second day and a main wash with detergent of choice regularly. 
What about the poop?
Did you know that in most cities there are laws stating that solid waste must be disposed of in the toilet, regardless of what type of nappy you use?
Most people who use disposables don’t bother flushing the faeces into the toilet which means that the faeces are in landfill instead of being in the toilet where it belongs.
Getting rid of the poop is easy, simply tip the poop into the toilet (use a Little Squirt or pressure sprayer or bottle to help you with the less solid poop) and breastfed poop is organic which means that you can simply put the nappy through the washing machine.
What nappy creams can I use?
Barrier nappy creams such as Sudocrem which contain petroleum or zinc are fine to use though may leave some staining (they are best washed out using a warm or hot wash or use with a liner). Most nappy creams are fine to use. 
Alternatively you can use pure cornstarch powder (with no wheat).
What are the different kinds of MCNs available?
AIO: All In One – these are similar to disposables in that they have a cover and absorbency is built into the nappy. Extremely easy to use.
AI2: All in Two - these nappies consist of a seperate insert and shell. 

Pocket nappy: these have a waterproof outer layer with an inner layer with an opening in the back. The insert is put into this opening ‘pocket’ and you can add boosters to increase the absorbency. The inner layer draws moisture away from your baby’s skin.
Fitted nappy: these are fully absorbent and are usually made of natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp or organic cotton however they require a waterproof cover.
Prefold: these are an absorbent fabric square that can be folded in a variety of ways and placed under a cover.