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Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night?  Love to escape the cost of disposable pull ups? Then our Pop-in night-time pants are the perfect reusable solution giving you and your little ones the peace of mind needed for dream filled nights. Just like our daytime pants they can be pulled up and down easily but there is also a full layer of PUL. Inside, the clever combination of absorbent and waterproof fabrics coupled with the new soft deep elastic cuff help provide the ultimate protection against leaks.

Need a little extra absorbency? Simply pop in one of our bamboo daytime boosters (sold separately) into the pocket, which is now even easier to stuff. We think they are the perfect way to give your nipper a helping hand on the journey to potty independence! Specially designed for night-times.

Sizing Guide for Australian Children*

Size Age Weight Range
Large 18 -24 months 10 - 12 kg
XL 2+ years 12 - 14kg
XXL 2.5+ years 14kg+

*If you are unsure about sizing please contact us for a fitting guide and we can help you pick the right size for your child.

This is not a nappy!

  • made to look like big kid undies 
  • slim and discreet to help with confidence 
  • easily pulls up and down
  • absorbent enough to handle a single wee 
  • pocket for inserting a booster pad for extra absorbency
  • waterproof layer and elasticated cuffs and waist to help prevent leaks

How absorbent is this product? 

It is designed to handle a small amount of fluid (up to 120 mL), which is usually the volume of a single wee. With a booster added, it can absorb up to 250 mL. So if your child is wetting several times a night, a more absorbent nappy is required. (Typical nappies can absorb more than 300 mL.)  

Will it leak?

If your child wets more than once at night, it will leak. That’s because it’s a transitional product designed to handle a only small amount of fluid. If your child is waking with a very full nappy, or this nappy is leaking regularly, wait a few months until there are fewer night time accidents. 

How many pairs do I need? 

It depends on how often your child wets at night; this can vary greatly. Some children are dry from eighteen months, while others are much older. Generally, we suggest toddlers from the age of two or three use two pairs per night. Children aged three to four can use one pair per night. 

Composition – Outer 100% Polyester TPU laminated, inner absorbent layers 100% bamboo viscose 100% fast wicking polyester.