Bubblebubs Candies AI2 3 layer Booster


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Pack contains:

  • Lay in 3 layer 10x33cm Bamboo booster

Not all bamboo is created equal, our bamboo is much thicker than most brands. That means it is super thirsty and around twice the thickness of a lot of brands! These boosters are suitable as pocket stuffers or extra boosting in any nappies


Why Separates?

  • Bubblebubs Candies Shells can be used to become one of our popular Candies All in Two Nappy by simply purchasing a Candies Booster set. These booster sets are super thirsty and easily snaps into the shell, making it quick to have the nappy ready for use.
  • Selling these nappies as separates allow them to be super economical as extra snap in booster sets can be purchased and the outer shell of the nappy reused. Just make sure you air the shell between nappy changes and put it in the nappy bucket at the end of the day.
  • The Bubblebubs Candies Shells can be used as covers over our Bam Bams for your newborns, over our prefolds and Bamboo Delights at any age! That’s right, our Candies Shells can be used as covers for any of our fitted nappies!