Baby Beehinds Mini Wetbag

Baby Beehinds

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Heading out the door and just need something small to take with you for those ‘just-in case’ moments. This Mini Wetbag is the perfect size to store your little ones Swim Nappy, Cloth Wipes, Breast pads or Cloth Nappy while out & about. Water-resistant, smell proof and super cute, this mini wet bag is the bag that keeps on giving!

Not only is it great for cloth nappies but it is also a valuable tool in any parents baby items. Whether it’s holding your make-up, a sandwich, baby bottle or wet wipes this little beauty just keeps on giving!


  • Beautifully soft PUL fabric for water-resistance to keep your nappy bag dry & clean.
  • 21 x 21cm in size it fits 1 nappy, breast pads, eco pads, or cloth wipes perfectly.
  • Handle for easy attaching to the pram as you go.