Baby Bare Change Mats (new design)

Baby Bare

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As a parent, you are constantly changing nappies. If you worry about putting your baby down on a public change table or bench, or stress about a potentially messy nappy change, you need one of our change mats. These can be used on your change table at home or as a portable change mat. You can even use them as a safe space to pop your child on the floor, grass or as a waterproof layer on carpet or in your pram.

Each mat is topped with our exclusive limited edition Baby Bare print designs. These mats come with a backing of white PUL and white edging. They are a high quality, waterproof, and durable mat. So beautiful and soft your baby will love it. They also fold up into a neat bundle to fit perfectly in our Cave pod wet bags.

Perfect for: on your change table, a quick change out & about, messy mat under the highchair or as a play mat on the grass. 

Fabric: Two layers of fabric - printed PUL front, white quilted organic cotton backing for extra comfort, finished with white PUL edging.

Size: 100cm x 75cm