RAWr Soakmaster 1000

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One of the best night nappies in Australia, the Soakmaster1000 aims to please (and soak masterfully) giving the heaviest wetting babies a good night’s sleep.

Uniquely designed with full layers of complimentary bamboo fabrics and microfibre core and super heavy weight bamboo soaker. It will soak away till morning while the state of the art stay-dry inner layer keeps your little bundle dry all night too. Comes with or without additional snap on tummy booster for heavy wetting tummy sleepers!

Weight Range

  • One Size (Infant to Pre-schooler): approximately 6kg – 20kg

The popular SOAKMASTER1000 OSFM Bamboo Night Fitted:
Full layers of bamboo terry, bamboo fleece and bamboo jersey make this night nappy as thirsty as they come!
Absorbency Rating: 
Heavy Wetter – Suitable for heavy wetters, front soakers, power wetters and side sleepers.

* please note snap colours may differ from those pictured.