Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Wipes

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These soft and handy face wipes are so popular for their pure fabric, softness on your baby and for the huge savings parents like to count by not using throw away products. Use dry or add water for a wet wipe when necessary. Their small size makes them easy to carry!


There are 4 in a pkt and each measures 20 x 15cm and will wash up looking great and soft every time. Simply include with your normal washing.


Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton.


Wash in warm or cold water. Tumble Dry okay! So Easy to Use!


Why this colour? This colour is natural cotton. There are absolutely no bleaches or whiteners on this product at all!


Choosing Organic Cotton face wipes for your baby is part of a lifestyle philosophy. You are choosing reusable instead of disposable. This saves you hundreds of dollars while offering your baby the best possible chemical free practical product. Congratulations!


Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

- The fabric lasts longer
- The fabric is more absorbent
- No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL on this product.


Organic cotton is produced in organic agricultural systems that produce food and fibre according to clearly established standards. Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetically modified organisms. It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment.


Certification of Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton is Ceritified by GOTS. By only using certified organic cotton, you can be assured of our integrity and the integrity of the product.

Certification is a system which sets standards, ensures that organic standards are met and communicates compliance to consumers through appropriate labelling. When a grower or processor is "certified organic," an independent organisation has verified that the company meets or exceeds defined organic standards. Certified organic farms are inspected regularly and must maintain comprehensive records of their production methods.