Nature's Child Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

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Use these supersoft, washable nappy wipes for convenience and save up to $900 by not using disposable nappy wipes. Supersoft brushed flanelette cotton on one side and absorbent terry towelling on the reverse side. 18 x 30cm.


Some parents choose to use and wash to avoid the expense, waste and unknown effects of preservative ingredients in disposable nappy wipes by using these washable ones.


Use Dry or Wet. Simply wet with water as you need them and store in a reusable container when you are out to bring them home for washing.


These are a pack of 4 and we recommend three packs to keep yourself well stocked. Take a couple of wet ones and a couple of dry ones out with you to have ready.


Mainstream brand disposable baby wipes from supermarkets contain ingredients that have unknown skin affects and cost a fortune to purchase regularly. At an average of $6 per fortnight, you could end up adding over $1000 to your grocery bill in a four year period.


If you need a back up disposable version occasionally, use a trusted brand hand picked by us from environmentally friendly baby companies overseas.


Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

- The fabric lasts longer
- The fabric is more absorbent
- No bleaching or Harsh chemical have been used AT ALL on this product.


Certification of Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton is Ceritified by GOTS
By only using certified organic cotton, you can be assured of our integrity and the integrity of the product.