Charlie Banana Washable Feminine Pads & Liners

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This is probably something you never thought you would discuss with your girlfriends – but times have changed. The truth is: periods are periods and most of the time they arrive as expected. We live in a modern age and the majority of us wear tampons and different types of pads loaded with chemicals. The same chemicals find in diapers are find in feminine care. Not so long ago toxic shock syndrome scared us all!

We heard about it, read about it, yet we carried on…

Reusable pads have always existed but, like cloth diapers, they haven't been very fashionable. What a shame - reusable pads are a delight!

They are comfortable, free of chemicals, stylish and cute, easy to clean, eco-friendly, and economical. We have given away many samples to our friends and co-workers, and at first everyone was skeptical. Then they tried them and the votes were unanimous: the reusable pads are a hit! 

Charlie Banana® feminine products are the perfect starter kit for a young girl having her first period. Why not give a daughter the proper start!


  • Charlie Banana® innovative washable feminine pads are very comfortable and stylish. A must try for every woman.
  • They are free of perfumes, chlorine, and chemicals.
  • Choose your ideal absorbency: Panty liner, Regular, Super.
  • They are unbelievably stain resistant.
  • We have a fabulous selection of colours to choose from. White, black, aqua, baby pink, lavender, butterfly print.


Washing tips ?
Put them in the sink or in a little pail and within minutes they will be white again. You can use a small hand brush and a little soap if you want as well. Place them in the washing machine with your underwear.


Out and about?
Our feminine pads all come with mini waterproof tote bag. You can fold the pad and close it with the snap. Place it in your tote and throw it in your purse.

They are sold in packs of 3 with the mini tote bag included.


Liner : 6.5"L x 3.2"W (16.5cm L x 8cm W)
Regular : 8"L x 3.2"W (20cm L x 8cm W)
Super : 10"L x 3.2"W (25cm L x 8cm W)