Bummis Beautiful Basic 2 piece cloth diaper - Infant (3.5 - 7kg)

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The Beautiful Basic 2-Piece Cloth Diaper kit is a great way to try out cloth diapers or add affordable practical cloth diapers to your stash.The kit contains 3 Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts and 1 waterproof diaper wrap.This will give you three diaper changes. To use simply fold a prefold and lay it in the waterproof cloth diaper wrap to make an easy to use two-piece cloth diaper. Once the insert is wet or soiled remove the dirty prefold and place a clean prefold in the cloth diaper wrap.The Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts are made from 100 certified cotton twill. These soft diapers are thick and thirsty. The affordable Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts are versatile. You can fold them in different ways to make them more absorbent in your babys wetness zone. These prefolds can also be used as burp diapers changing pads inserts or doublers for other cloth diapers and more.To make cloth diapering clean-up a little easier lay a Bio-soft liner not included on the prefold. This will catch any solids and once removed can be flushed for easy clean-up.The box contains 3 Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts 1 waterproof wrap and instructions on how to wash and fold the cloth 

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