Bumboo Deluxe Bamboo Wipes

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Our deluxe baby wipes are made with silky, soft double sided bamboo terry. Perfect for little bottoms and little faces, but also a favorite washer for all members of the family.

naturally anti-bacterial

overlocked edges for durability and quick dry time

no fiddley hems for solids to get caught in

available in one size measuring 24cm square after prewash

natural edge finish

5 Deluxe Wipes in a pack



overlocked edges in organic cotton for a comfortable seamless edge that won't catch on solids

BUMBOO Deluxe Wipes will maintain their shape over time due to careful cutting



Our custom made bamboo terry fabric is 90% bamboo and 10% polyester

The polyester content is in the backing that the loops are woven through

The loops are 100% bamboo

The polyester content gives the nappy stability and strength for nappy duties 



Before use, prewash once



keep a small container in your change area to wet wipes as needed

during winter months water can be kept in a thermos

place used wipe inside the nappy just removed and place into dry pail or nappy bag

we recommend 20 - 30 wipes if using cloth wipes full time



Use a non-bio washing powder free of brighteners, enzymes, phosphates, c