Baby Bare Bare AIO Solid/ Carnival Colours

Baby Bare

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Starring plain colours with cream snaps in PUL range and carnival in stunning watercolour in minky, plenty of absorbency and just one piece with no assembly, thr Baby Bare All in One (AIO) style modern cloth nappy is a popular option for busy parents wanting to use cloth nappies. 


  • Waterproof PUL outer in a range of 4 colours with cream snaps
  • Minky waterproof outer in a range of watercolours in the Carnival range
  • Microsuede lining to keep your little one feeling dry.
  • Three rows of adjustable snaps, allowing it to fit from 3.5kg-16kg approximately.
  • No assembly with all pieces sewn in.
  • This nappy teams a thirsty pad of sewn in, fast drying microfibre with a 3 layer bamboo 'flap' that folds out for easy drying.
  • For newborns, fold the flap into the bottom, or fold over at the top to have a great fit from birth to toilet training.