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Rockin Green - Hard Rock 45/90 Loads

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Product Description

Are you sick and tired of battling with stinky diapers?


Then Rockin' Green should be on your cloth diaper playlist! It comes in 3 rockin' formulas and tons of sweet fragrances, which is music to anyones ears.


Hard Rock 2.0: This hard water formula is perfect for those that struggle with nappy laundry in hard water areas! Hard Rock 2.0 will blow you away!


This bag will do at least 45 loads in a top loader and 90 in a front loader, though some may find it does even more!



Washing Instructions

First Time User: the mission is to de-funk your nappies! To get rid of built up minerals and left over detergent do the following:

  1. Fill your washer with hot water and 3 Tbsp* of Rockin’ Green, along with your nappies.
  2. Let it soak for approximately 30-60 minutes. Then launder as usual, skipping the soap.

Tip: Repeat this process anytime you need a good deep-cleaning. If your nappies have excessive buildup or residue, it may take a few soaks (or overnight)  to get them in good condition.

Note: Excessive soaking of PUL or TPU products is not recommended. Soaking of microfiber or natural fibers is fine.

Washing Instructions: washing nappies and clothing should not be a complicated ordeal. Forget everything that you have heard, and keep it simple.

  1. Savor the smell of your Rockin’ Green detergent…ahh…yummy….
  2. Dump your nappies/clothes into the washer and do a cold rinse/wash to get the nasties out prior to the wash cycle. The more water, the better!
  3. Add the detergent and do a hot wash. Use 2-3 Tbsp* per load. For HE machines or those with soft water use 1-2 Tbsp*.
  4. Double Rinse.
  5. Enjoy your clean fluff!

Continue to use Rockin’ Green to keep the stinkies at bay.

*If you have soft water, you may need less detergent than that indicated. So start with 1 tbs, and go up from there as needed.


Rockin’ Green is a clean rinsing formula, so many people find that they can eliminate extra rinses from the end of their wash routine. Which saves time and money!

Rockin’ Green makes the nappy laundry FUN again!


Rockin’ Green not only kicks butt in the washroom, but it smells AMAZING! It comes in several different scents, so there is always something new to try. So the only hard part is deciding which one to try first!

  • Mighty Mighty Marshmallow – it’s sweet and nutty, and very mighty!
  • Orangevana – orange and cream combine together to reach a new level of cleaning awareness
  • Smashing Watermelons- this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses..Best Seller!
  • The Green Tea’s – the zen like blend of green tea and aloe, is sure to make it to the top of your playlist.
  • Rage against the Raspberry- this raspberry and honey blend will have you running around the laundry room looking for the mosh pit! Best Seller!
  • Mötley Cleän – there’s clean and then there’s Mötley Cleän. This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine.
  • Lavender Mint Revival- this medley of lavender and mint is like nothing you have heard or smelled before!
  • Bare Naked Babies- because we love the smell of babies, we offer an unscented variety too!


Rockin’ Green is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients which makes it good for the planet and gentler on your little ones. Everything is made with love, and put to the test every single day on my own families nappies and laundry. So you know that I expect only the best from everything that I send out the door.

Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen)

Is it safe for my nappies? 
Absolutely! You don’t have to worry about repelling or buildup with Rockin’ Green. And you only use a small amount with each load of clothes, so it rinses clean. In most cases you don’t even need to do an extra rinse!

Will it void my nappy warranty? 
Many manufacturers have specific instructions on how and what to use when washing your cloth nappies. For example:

You should only use detergents that are free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, essential oils, whiteners and brighteners.

Rockin’ Green is free of dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners. So you can rest assured that it is safe for all nappies. The scented version does contain natural fragrances, so for those worried about warranty issues order either the soft rock version, or the classic or hard rock formula, unscented, or contact you nappy manufacturer. Many major Australian manufacturers recommend Rockin Green!

Can I use it on other laundry?
Yes! We use it on all our laundry here, and many of my customers find it easier to use one detergent for all their laundry.

My baby is really sensitive, what do you recommend?
Try the soft rock formula! It has been tested on some of the pickiest babies around with great results.

My nappies stink! Will Rockin’ Green help?
Yeap! You can do a mini-strip when you first start using Rockin’ Green to get the jump on the funk.

1. Fill your washer (or your laundry trough or a big bucket) with hot water and 3-5 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green, along with your nappies.

2. Let it soak for approximately 30-60 minutes. Then launder several times without detergent.

If you have a HE/front loader machine, you may have to consult your manual but you can usually do a soak by pressing the start or pause button.

*Tip: Repeat this process anytime you need a good deep-cleaning. If your nappies have excessive buildup or residue, it may take a few soaks to get them in good condition.

You can also do a soak anytime that you feel your nappies need a good deep cleaning.

Keep using Rockin’ Green to keep the stinkies at bay.

Do I need to do anything special if I am switching from another detergent?

If you are switching from a clean rinsing detergent, you may have little to no trouble switching to Rockin’ Green. If you are using something like one of the commercial brands however, you may experience some problems as the built up detergent is drawn to the surface of your nappies. Even nappies that appeared to be clean before switching, may suddenly become stinky the first few washes with Rockin’ Green. This is totally normal, and will improve with continued use. Some people may even experience rashes and repelling as the old detergent is being flushed out. To speed up the process, try Rockin’ an overnight soak with 3 Tbs of Rockin’ Green followed by several washes with nothing. Repeat the process until your nappies are fresh smelling again.

Will Rockin’ Green work on my Hard Water? Soft Water?
Yes. Rockin’ Green is available in formulations for hard water, soft water and middle-of-the-road water!

How can I find out my water type?

The best way to find out your water type is to contact your local water authority (the people you pay your bill to!)

My baby has a rash! Help!

Rashes can be caused by a lot of things, changes in diet, teething, suede-cloth or microfleece allergies etc…so when in doubt send us an email and we will help you troubleshoot.

Here’s the most common causes of detergent related rashes and possible solutions:

-Did you recently switch to Rockin’ Green? If you just made the jump, it’s most likely old detergent coming to the surface and causing issues. Even if your first soak was clear, it’s possible that minerals, enzymes and other gunk are now living on the surface of your nappies. So try Rockin’ another soak and following up with several washes with nothing.

-Nappies look and smell great, but you are experiencing irritation? Get naked! Bare Naked that is….while we have taken great care to pick the gentlest scents on the market, we know that sometimes babies don’t like to follow the rules. So skip the scent and try unscented.

-Nappies stinky? Coupled with sore bottoms? Check your wash routine. Make sure that you are doing enough rinsing at both the beginning and end of your routine. Sometimes adding on an extra rinse at the end is all you need to fix an angry bottom.

-Nappies stink and extra rinsing doesn’t help? Make sure that you are using the right formula for your water type. When in doubt send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you figure out your water type. We cannot only identify your particular water issues, but help you figure out the right dosage too.

-When in doubt, send us an email. We have gone out of our way to bring you a product that is both safe for the environment and babies, and have recently reformulated our products to use a milder surfactant and gentler scents. So if something isn’t working for you, we want to know about so we can create something that will!

I just started using Rockin’ Green and they smell worse! What’s up?
Sometimes, it takes a few washes to experience the full benefit of Rockin’ Green. With each wash, Rockin’ Green will work to pull out the trapped in detergent, grime and minerals that are inside your nappies and inserts, which can temporarily cause stink issues or even repelling for some people. If you experience this problem, we would suggest you Rock a Soak overnight and then do several washes with no soap added to flush out all the gunk. Repeat the process until your nappies are clean smelling, and then continue to use Rockin’ Green at the recommended dosage for day to day washings.

Will the scented oils cause problems with my nappies?
There is approximately 10 drops of natural fragrance oil per 45 load batch so the amount of oil in each load is negligible. The oils used in Rockin’ Green are 100% natural, so the risk of irritation is much less than other scented products on the market.

Will Rockin’ Green work on my HE Washer? My Frontloader?
Absolutely! And because it’s a non-foaming formula, you don’t have to worry about using too much in your HE washer. Just use 1 Tbs per load.

What if my washer doesn’t accept powdered detergents?
Most washers have an option for both liquid and powdered detergents. You simply pop the liquid dispenser part out of the drawer to make it powder ready. If you wish you can mix the detergent with a cup or so of water to create a liquid, and then pour that into your detergent drawer.

Is Rockin’ Green phosphate free?
Yes, Rockin’ Green is 100% phosphate free. And dioxin free….petroleum free…and fat free!

Is Rockin’ Green SLS Free? 
Yes! It’s also animal by-product free, never tested on animals…biodegradable….and a bunch of other Mother Earth Rockin’ goodness!


Rockin’ Green comes in several different formulas- so there is something for everyone!

  • Soft - this formula is designed for those that have sensitive little ones or soft water.
  • Classic - this is the original formula, and is great for those with moderate hard water, or just those that are battling with stinkies. Comes in unscented and scented varieties.
  • Hard – This formula is designed for the most troubling of water types.

All Rockin’ Green formulas are designed with the same great ingredients, and work for all water types. Most people do great with the Classic formula, so when in doubt start off with that formula.

Frontloader Problems?

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out the right wash routine for your cloth nappies, but with a little bit of persistence most people LOVE their HE/FL machines for cloth.

A Word About HE Machines and Ammonia…
The main thing that I would recommend when using a front loader, is to make sure that you are getting plenty of water through your nappies during the inital rinse/wash prior to adding the soap. Some of the most successful wash routines involve a long cold wash before adding the soap.

*You can also try the towel trick- by throwing in a few towels along with your nappies to trick your washer into using more water.

Here’s a great article from Bummis.com regarding front loaders and ammonia problems:

Your nappies should smell clean after they are washed. If they smell like urine, then it is clear that they have a urine residue. If they smell clean after they are washed and then like ammonia after the first pee, then it is probable that they have a urine residue.


How do I know I have a urine residue?

  • Strong odor of ammonia
  • Bad nappy rash

Where does the “stink” come from?
When a wet cloth nappy smells really bad, it is most likely due to an overproduction of ammonia. In the body, ammonia is converted to urea and excreted. Once the urine is released, the urea begins converting back to ammonia, so some ammonia smell is perfectly normal.

Lingering urea in the nappy and certain types of bacteria can speed up and increase the production of ammonia. So if you smell an unusually strong odor of ammonia after your baby pees, you most likely have a biological residue in your nappy.

This residue is most commonly caused by not using enough water to wash and rinse nappies clean. It can also be caused by not using enough detergent. Detergent is what enables water to enter the fibres of the cloth and release its soil (by decreasing the surface tension of the water). If there is too little water (or detergent), the urine is diluted, but not rinsed away. It is recycled in the wash and dries onto the fabric, remaining there in the form of residues. (From Bummis.com)

So, if you are Rockin’ a Frontloader there is no need to worry! Just work on getting more water through your nappies, and use the recommended amount of Rockin’ Green for super clean nappies and clothing!

Warnings and Emergency Instructions

If irritation develops, please discontinue use immediately.

In case of ingestion, contact (in Australia) Poison Information Centre at 13 11 26 or seek medical attention immediately. Take care to avoid contact with eyes and flush immediately and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

Rockin’ Green can not be held responsible for misuse of the product.

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Product Reviews

  1. Best ever-hard rock 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2013

    I was having trouble with hard water and stinky nappies. This stuff works wonders. I love it. Stains gone, smells gone. Will be getting lots more, I started using it for the clothes as well. l

  2. Wonderful smelling washing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2012

    I started out with normal Rockin Green, but was using 2 scoops to combat out hardish water here in Brisbane. swapped over to the hard formula, and we're back to just the 1 scoop.

    We use it on al our washing ow, not just MCNs. Using it as a soak for clothes was amazing as it lifted stains that have been there forever.

    I highly recommend the rockin green range, and especially the hard formal for those in Brisbane!

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