Real Nappies - Essentials Pack

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Real Nappies Essentials packs contain all the cloth nappies you need for each stage of baby's development.


Real Nappies are made of premium 100% Indian cotton that stays soft and fluffy, even after vigorous laundering.


Real Nappies PUL nappy covers repel moisture to keep baby dryer and are easily fastened with velcro tabs at the waist.


The Real Nappies Newborn Essentials Pack contains cloth nappy inserts, covers and liners .


All Real Nappies products are made from premium quality materials, and are backed by a unique warranty that extends across two children and applies to nappies and covers.


If you like to extend the number of days between washing your nappies or just want to add to your stash, the Real Nappies Top-Up pack is for you! Each Pack contains:

  • 12 x cloth nappy inserts
  • 3 x Snug Wraps
  • 1 x Bioliner Nappy Liners, Roll of 100
  • 1 x helpful User Guide


Real Nappies Essentials Packs come in attractive gift box packaging and are great to give as gifts or receive. Real Nappies is New Zealand's #1 cloth nappy, the choice of maternity hospitals and the only cloth nappy brand to be sold in supermarkets.



Newborn 2.5-6kg (approx up to 3 or 4 months)

Infant 5-9kg (approx up to 7 months)

Crawler 8-14+kg (approx up to 18 months)

Toddler 13-18+kg (approx over 18 months)