RAWr Hero One Size Day Nappy

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Weight Range

  • One Size (Newborn to Pre-schooler) approximately 3.5kg - 20kg (7.5pd - 44pd)

The new generation of One Size Day Nappies - super trim, super easy to use, super cute: An all round Super HERO in cloth nappies!

  • Grow-With-Me Design fits through all stages
  • Comfortable stay-dry Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) inner fabric lining is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Sewn in microfibre absorbency adds to the HERO's reliability without creating bulk
  • Leak proof but soft and stretchy PUL outer fabric
  • Side snap design for best fit, with hidden snaps to keep baby comfy
  • Recommended wear time of 2-4 hours
The HERO: So trim it can be worn by Undercover Cloth SuperHeroes.... shhhhhh! Well, that is until you can't help but unveil your new nappy to the nearest person who shows an interest in cloth!
Seriously though, these nappies have people mistakenly thinking you have turned your back on cloth and gone to the dark side. Noooooo silly, it's not a smelly 'sposie! ...It's just the latest in SuperHero Trim Bum Fashion! The HERO Nappy includes 1x MCN pocket style shell with sewn in absorbency + 1x 1 metre long, 420gsm bamboo fleece thirsty insert.
The famous HERO has returned to Australia: Trim, absorbent and rise adjustable to give the perfect fit every time. Now with extra sewn in absorbency and stay-dry inner layer to keep your little Super Hero dry and ready for whatever adventures await you today!