Manduca Baby Carrier

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  • Carries baby in the “M position” – best for baby’s comfort and development*
  • Reduced fatigue for wearer, with weight carried on the hip and more padding in the straps.
  • Broad sitting base for baby while supporting thighs
  • 100% certified organic cotton against baby’s skin, with outer layer organic cotton/hemp mix
  • Built-in newborn insert for use from 3.5 kgs
  • Baby’s back and neck are supported, and support extends as baby grows
  • Integrated headrest/sunshade tucks away when not in use
  • Two handed unclasp action of hip clips for extra security
  • Designer limited editions are 100% organic cotton
  • Limited Edition Prints also available

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  • 5
    Love my Manduca!

    Posted by HayleyS on 8th Feb 2014

    Success! I went to the beach today with a newborn & very active 3 year old which was only made possible with my Manduca baby carrier! I have tried both the Baby Bjorn & Ergo but this is by far the most comfortable and versatile carrier. I was even able to feed bub whilst holding her which I could never properly do with the other carriers. The Manduca is well padded and a better fit for me personally, as I am quite short. The shoulder straps fit really well. I found the Ergo straps too wide and the Bjorn just hurt after some time. I also love that the newborn insert is part of the product (I don't have to buy it separately). Bub is 3.7kilos and she was comfy in it straight away. She fell asleep and only cried when I had to take her out of it! I'm looking forward to lots of shopping trips, walks, and daytime naps with bub and my new Manduca!

  • 5
    In love with our Manduca!

    Posted by Alayne on 14th Jun 2013

    We received our Manduca a couple of days ago and it is awesome! So easy to use and very comfortable to wear. Bub (9months and 10kg) thinks so too as she has had a couple of naps in it already :-)

  • 5
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Manduca!

    Posted by Kate on 14th Jan 2013

    After several uncomfortable trips in the Bjorn with my 7kg 4 month old, I needed to find something else. I was recommended the Manduca and am KICKING myself that we didn't get one earlier! We went for an hour long walk the day we got it and I had no back or shoulder pain at all. I love all the various adjustments that can be made, and that it carries all the baby weight in the waist, rather than back or shoulders. My son loves being all snuggled in and falls asleep on most longer trips after a good suck on the straps. He likes being able to move his arms around or have them down by his sides - and I like not being kicked in the stomach as we walk!

  • 5
    Highly recommend!

    Posted by Lisa on 30th Nov 2012

    After having tried several different types of carriers I have settled with the Manduca. I find it very comfortable, unlike some of the others that I could only wear for a maximum of half an hour before being sore and uncomfortable. It's great having so many bits to adjust to get the perfect fit. At first I found it a bit fiddly and difficult to adjust but now I have it set to where I like and it's easy to put on with only minimal adjustments needed. My 6 month old baby seems comfortable and loves being in the carrier though she hasn't fallen asleep in it yet. I am very happy with this carrier and have stopped looking for a better one because I think I've found the best one for me!

  • 5
    Most comfortable baby carrier

    Posted by Vanessa on 24th Oct 2012

    I used to have a sling carrier for my first child which was ok but not great for long walks. I splashed out and bought a Manduca baby carrier for my second and its fantastic! It is so comfortable to wear. Easy to adjust and really comfy for baby. It is quick to put on and once you get the hang of doing the back strap up on your own it is very easy. I haven't tried it backpack style yet though. We went out on the weekend to the city and I carried my 14 month old all day, all through the Botanic Gardens, it was really comfortable. I would recommend this carrier to anyone.