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Green Kids nappies have a unique design that allows them to fit most babies from birth to toilet training, depending on the build of your baby (approx 2.5 years or 15kg). This means that you should only have to purchase one complete set of nappies for your baby! Many babies will fit the nappies for longer than this, although it will depend on their individual size and weight.


Green Kids nappies are known as pocket nappies, which consist of a waterproof outer layer and a soft stay-dry inner layer. There is a pocket opening at the back, into which you place the absorbent insert.  Liquid passes through the stay dry inner layer and is absorbed by the super absorbent hemp or bamboo layer inside.  The stay dry layer will feel dry even when the nappy is full, which provides superior comfort for your baby.  The waterproof outer layer keeps the moisture in, and baby's clothes dry.


Minkytimes are a deluxe addition to your nappy stash! They can be used during the day, and are also fantastic for use overnight! They are made from a supremely soft outer layer of premium quality Minky, a hidden layer of waterproof PUL, and a stay dry inner layer of soft suedecloth. Minkytimes nappies do not require a separate cover! 


Benefits of Green Kids nappies:

  • Fast drying
  • Adjustable absorbency to suit your baby
  • Entire inner layer of stay dry suedecloth which means that your baby never feels wet
  • Single inner layer makes cleaning a breeze - no fiddly layers to clean
  • Removeable insert ensures nappies will always get a thorough wash