Cushie Tushies Reusable Wipes

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These gorgeously soft and brightly coloured Bamboo Cloth Wipes are made from a vivid Minky on one side and natural bamboo terry on the reverse. 

At 25cm square, they are a versatile accessory – use them to wipe faces clean after mealtimes, as a washer in the bath (you won’t lose the bright orange under the bubbles!), or as soft wipes for sensitive bums during nappy change time. Use the Bamboo Terry side to pick up the mess and the Minky side to polish clean! 

This pack contains 5 Cloth wipes. For the full-time cloth user, we recommend 20 Cloth wipes (or 4 packs) to last from birth till toilet training.

We recommend using our Foaming Wipes Wash in conjunction with these reusable Wipes.