Cushie Tushies Chameleon Modern Cloth Nappy

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- Cushie Tushies Chamelon's unique One-Size design fits babies from approximately 3kg to 17kg. View our product demonstration video to see the nappies in action.

- The Chameleon nappy comes as a set with one waterproof cover plus two absorbent cloth boosters.

- The Chameleon nappy cover can also be used with our singles eco-friendly disposable nappy inserts.

- The Chameleon nappy cover is made from a plush minky fashion outer layer, a hidden waterproof layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL), and an inner lining of low-allergenic stay-dry microfleece.

- The Chameleon cloth boosters are made from super absorbent bamboo/cotton fleece, topped with a lining of low-allergenic stay-dry microfleece.

- For nights, use in conjunction with a night booster. Lay the folded night booster underneath the snapped-in booster in the nappy.

- For out and about, use one of our waterproof nappy bags to transport your nappies.

- Use with flushable liners for easy, mess-free nappy changes!


If you're looking for a One-Size-Fits-Most cloth nappy that is (a) very easy to use, (b) versatile with options for cloth and disposable nappy inserts, and (c) fashionable, then the Chameleon is for you!

There are many benefits to using cloth nappies – for baby, for the environment and for your hip pocket – and we're pretty sure all parents want what's best for our babies, our world and ourselves! But at the end of the day, we actually have to be able to DO something SUCCESSFULLY in order to make such a positive choice, right?

Well, we're here to hold your hand through the whole cloth nappy process. You CAN do it! And I reckon you and your baby will love it. Here's how.

Step 1: Get the right fit
To get started, check out our demo videoWe go through fitting your cushie tushie on newborns and older babies. And if you get stuck, give us a call! Our number is 1300 886 994 and we are always here to help.

Step 2: 
Use the right detergent 
Fabric like bamboo – indeed, any kind of towel, be it cotton or bamboo – needs a very basic, very plain detergent. Any of the bells and whistles, like softeners, brighteners and perfumes, will stop the fabric doing its job of being absorbent. All you need is a small amount of a basic, eco-friendly detergent.

Step 3: set yourself up for success!

Perhaps I should have mentioned this first, but the key to success with cloth nappies, as with learning anything new, is to approach it with confidence and preparation!

If you have a question or need some help working out what you want, give us a call on 1300 886 994 or email


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