Close Parent Training Pants - Cool Fit

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Close Parent specially designed training pants have been created to ease the transition from nappy to potty!  Designed to look like grown up pants they can be pulled up and down easily.  A comfortable fit that will allow your toddler to feel the wetness whilst the hidden protection of the inner core and waterproof layer will help minimise the mess of any little accidents!  Potty buddies, Ziggy and Georgie are there to help persuade your toddler out of their nappies and on their way to potty independence! 

Sold individually.

RRP $20


Small                     12-18 months | 10.2 - 11.5kg | 22.5 -25.4Ibs

Medium                 18-24 months | 11.5 - 12.5kg | 25.4 - 27.6Ibs

Large                     2 - 2.5 years | 12.5 - 13.5kg | 27.6- 29.8Ibs

Extra Large          2.50 years + | 13.5kg + | 29.8Ibs + 


Cool fit specifications


Features and Benefits;

  • Gorgeously soft
  • Fast drying microfibre
  • Fast wicking
  • Will absorb one medium-sized wee
  • Allows toddler to feel the wetness to assist with potty training
  • Waterproofing helps to minimise any little accidents
  • Easily pulled up and down by the toddler
  • Designed to look like grown up pants



Outer layer:100% Tencel

Inner core: 100% polyester microfibre

Waterproofing: PU coated polyester

Inner layer: 100% polyester (fast wicking and fast drying)