Bumboo Luxury Prefolds

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*** Note *** One of the prefolds has a small blue permanent marker mark


Our silky soft, Luxury Bamboo Prefold Nappies are a luxurious nappy choice. Made from our own silky, double sided bamboo terry fabric with 2 layers on the outside and 3 layers through the centre panel. When folded our prefold nappies can provide 7 layers of thirsty bamboo absorbency.
 - naturally anti-bacterial
 - up to 80% more absorbent than cotton
 - overlocked edges for durability
 - fasten with a snappi or simply lay in a well fitting cover
 - use as a pocket nappy insert (great for overnight)
 - no velcro, snaps or elastic to suffer from wear and tear over time
 - use BUMBOO FOLD GUIDE to match a fold for your baby's age and stage
37cm X 40cm ideal for newborn babies
use later pad folded in a cover or inserted in a pocket nappy 
40cm X 50cm great closing with a snappi on older babies

Also available in a 6 pack

 - overlocked edges in organic cotton for a comfortable seamless edge
 - BUMBOO Prefold Nappies are cut with the utmost care in order for the nappy to maintain its shape over time
 - All layers are made with our custom milled, double sided bamboo terry.
 - BUMBOO prefolds are made with two outer layers, and an extra layer sewn into the centre panel.


- Our custom made bamboo terry fabric is 90% bamboo and 10% polyester
- The polyester content is in the backing that the loops are woven through.
- The loops are 100% bamboo

The polyester content gives the nappy stability and strength for nappy duties  

- Before use, prewash at least 5 times to increase absorbency. Prewash cold - 60º.
- Allowing BUMBOO Luxury Prefolds to dry between prewashes will help the inner fibres to fluff up and become more absorbent.


- Use BUMBOO Fold Illustrations to find a fold that works for your baby's age and stage.
- Some folds will require a nappy fastener
- A cover will be required.
- Alternatively use the Pad Fold and insert into a Pocket Nappy.
- A BUMBOO Eco Nappy Liner will keep baby dry and make cleaning up quick and easy. Place in nappy, flush or compost after use.
! To protect nappy fibres, please use a liner if baby needs creams or lotions.


- Use a non-bio washing powder free of brightners, enzymes, phosphates, conditioners, fragrance or essential oils.
- Use half the amount of washing powder that you would normal use for size load you are doing.
- Wash cold - 60º
! Please do not:
soak, use agents such as fabric softeners, bleach or nappy whiteners as the chemicals in these products may lead to nappy rash on your baby and lessen the life span of your nappies.


- Ultraviolet rays from sunlight (not sunshine) will remove stains and give your nappies a natural antibacterial and antifungal treatment.
- BUMBOO recommends line drying as it is kindest on our environment and best for the life span of your nappies.
- Dry indoors on a drying rack near a window exposed to sunlight.
- BUMBOO Luxury Prefold Nappies can be dried in a dryer on low heat.
- A few minutes in a cool dryer, before or after line drying will raise the bamboo fibres and make your nappies extra soft and fluffy.
! Regular drying at hot temperatures will damage the bamboo fibres and make it difficult to use a snappi on them.
  Please follow BUMBOO Use and Care Guidelines to ensure the best performance from your nappies and to ensure that your nappies are fully covered by our 12 month warranty.