Bumboo Deluxe Bamboo Wipes

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Our deluxe baby wipes are made with silky, soft double sided bamboo terry. Perfect for little bottoms and little faces, but also a favorite washer for all members of the family.

naturally anti-bacterial

overlocked edges for durability and quick dry time

no fiddley hems for solids to get caught in

available in one size measuring 24cm square after prewash

natural edge finish

5 Deluxe Wipes in a pack



overlocked edges in organic cotton for a comfortable seamless edge that won't catch on solids

BUMBOO Deluxe Wipes will maintain their shape over time due to careful cutting



Our custom made bamboo terry fabric is 90% bamboo and 10% polyester

The polyester content is in the backing that the loops are woven through

The loops are 100% bamboo

The polyester content gives the nappy stability and strength for nappy duties 



Before use, prewash once



keep a small container in your change area to wet wipes as needed

during winter months water can be kept in a thermos

place used wipe inside the nappy just removed and place into dry pail or nappy bag

we recommend 20 - 30 wipes if using cloth wipes full time



Use a non-bio washing powder free of brighteners, enzymes, phosphates, conditioners, fragrance or essential oils

Use half the amount of washing powder that you would normally use for size load you are doing

Wash cold - 60º

Please do not soak, use agents such as fabric softeners, bleach or nappy whiteners as the chemicals in these products may lead to nappy rash on your baby and lessen the life span of your nappies



- Ultraviolet rays from sunlight (not sunshine) will remove stains and give your wipes a natural antibacterial and antifungal treatment

BUMBOO recommends line drying as it is kindest on our environment and best for the life span of your nappy products

Dry indoors on a drying rack near a window exposed to sunlight

BUMBOO Deluxe Wipes can be dried in a dryer on low heat

A few minutes in a cool dryer, before or after line drying will raise the bamboo fibres and make your wipes extra soft and fluffy

Regular drying at hot temperatures will damage the bamboo fibres